Fresh, homemade jams with fruit from the islands.

About Homemade Jams of Hawaii…

Our goal here at Homemade Jams of Hawaii is to produce the freshest, most delicious Jams in Hawaii, and make our products accessible to everyone!

If you live in Hawaii or have travelled here, you know that many of us have homes with lush tropical flowers and fruit trees. Often this plentiful fruit falls to the ground and is never enjoyed. What a shame! We had so much fruit on our property, we didn’t want it to go to waste. After experimenting with the fruit and discovering some delectable combinations, we took our jams to the local farmers market where it was a big success!

We love to share our Homemade Jams of Hawaii, and we know you will love it! This is why we offer a money back guarantee. If you don’t love our jams, we will refund your purchase!

Shop our exclusive and delicious Homemade Jams of Hawaii flavors! They are all homemade, with fruit that comes off the island, fresh (except when not in season or unable to grow here-i.e. cranberries).

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